Project Title:

Advantio – Marketing and Promotional Design

Client Name:



Cybersecurity and Payments Technology

Services Provided:

Digital Marketing
Graphic Design

Project Overview:

Advantio, a leading cybersecurity and payments technology company, collaborated with Level44 to enhance their marketing and promotional materials, as well as to design impactful event stands. The objective was to create a cohesive visual identity that communicates their expertise and innovative solutions.

Key Features and Solutions:

Marketing Material:

  • Designed brochures and whitepapers that clearly explain Advantio’s cybersecurity solutions and services.
  • Created case studies and data sheets with visually appealing layouts to showcase their success stories and technical capabilities.


Promotional Material:

  • Developed branded merchandise such as pens, notebooks, and USB drives to increase brand visibility.
  • Designed compelling infographics and flyers that highlight Advantio’s key offerings and competitive advantages.


Event Stand Designs:

  • Created modular and reusable event stand designs that are visually striking and functional.
  • Included interactive elements such as touchscreens and demo stations to engage visitors and demonstrate Advantio’s solutions in real-time.