Project Title:

Blossom Daycare – Branding, Web and Digital Design

Client Name:

Blossom Daycare



Services Provided:

Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Web Design

Project Overview:

Blossom Daycare sought to establish a unique and caring brand that stands out in the childcare industry. They partnered with Level44 to create a comprehensive brand identity, develop a strategic placement, and design social media graphics, employee clothing, and a user-friendly website. The aim was to reflect their commitment to child development and provide a safe, nurturing environment.

Key Features and Solutions:


  • Developed a warm and welcoming logo with playful elements to appeal to both parents and children.
  • Established a colour palette and typography that convey safety, growth, and friendliness.


Social Media Graphics:

  • Designed engaging social media posts that highlight Blossom Daycare’s activities, child development tips, and parent testimonials.
  • Created a content calendar to help maintain a consistent and engaging online presence.


Clothing Design:

  • Designed comfortable and stylish clothing for employees, featuring the Blossom Daycare logo and colours, to create a professional and friendly appearance.



  • Developed a responsive website with sections for parent resources, curriculum details, staff introductions, and interactive elements for children.
  • Included features such as online enrolment, event calendars, and a blog to keep parents informed and engaged.