Project Title:

boobingit – Branding and Digital Design

Client Name:



Online Breastfeeding Support / Media

Services Provided:

Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Web Design

Project Overview:

boobingit, an online breastfeeding support magazine and podcast, collaborated with Level44 to develop a comprehensive brand identity that is both comforting and professional. The project included creating a full branding suite, positioning strategy, marketing materials, sub-branding for “the boobingit podcast,” an eBook, social media templates, and merchandise. The aim was to establish a friendly yet trustworthy tone that resonates with their audience.

Key Features and Solutions:


  • Developed a warm and inviting logo with soft colors and friendly typography.
  • Created a cohesive brand identity that includes logos for sub-brands like “the boobingit podcast” and their ebook.


Marketing Material:

  • Designed brochures, flyers, and posters that communicate the benefits of breastfeeding and promote boobingit’s resources.
  • Created branded merchandise such as T-shirts, tote bags, and mugs to increase brand visibility and engagement.


Social Media Templates:

  • Developed a suite of social media templates for consistent and engaging posts across platforms.
  • Created graphics for various social media campaigns, including tips, quotes, and promotional content.



  • Designed distinctive yet cohesive logos and visual elements for the boobingit podcast and other sub-brands.
  • Ensured each sub-brand maintains the overall brand’s comforting and professional tone.